Tafedna - Morocco

Aftas is the name of the little village on the right hand side of the bay of Tafedna. It's a community of fishermen. Every morning when the fisherman get back from a hard working night they share the yield of sardines with the approximately 25 Berber families living in the village. If you happen to be around at that time of the day they share with you too. It takes a dirt road and one hour from the main road to get to this bay located between Essaouira and Imsouane. During raining season the river might be flooded and Tafedna can only be reached from the south..  

With the help of local Moroccan workers and more than 200 international volunteers a special place developed in Tafedna. L'ane vert, the green donkey, is an ecolodge brought to life by an active community and without the use of any machinery. The goal is to rely solely on sustainable energy through the help of a combined system of wind-pumps, solar panels and a natural water filtration system.