Austria - The Alps

A few minutes after these pictures were taken, we saw a helicopter looking for people up at a nearby mountain ridge. The helicopter was flying close to our mountain hut circling it several times and as the hut is part of a mountain basin the noise was echoing from the rocky walls. The hut we stayed at up in 1917m fits around 80 people and everyone was outside watching the stunning sunset and later on the spectacular alpenglow. We also watched the helicopter recovering two people in quite a scary action out of the mountain face. It happened right in front of us, only a few hundred metres higher. We thought those people might have had problems, being out there too late and a thunderstorm was about to come up. The next day when we talked to a local he told us that one person fell 150 metres hiking the ridge and could only be recovered dead by the mountain rescue. Nature is nothing that serves you or that you can conquer. One finds wilderness in one of its deepest realisations when facing a mountain.